IMG_2034 Changing The Way…! Hi! I’ve moved my blog “Hope in Time” to this new host. Every day I am more convinced that Christianity is undergoing a profound internal change. I would like my blog to help push that along, and the improved features here support the cause. The blog can be considered Girardian in inspiration but at once there is a difference. Rather than seeing mimesis as a kind of doom, because of ever intensifying rivalry and violence, I believe behind the revelation of conflictive mimesis lies a deeper and more transcendent version. In fact I am convinced it is because of the deep anthropological undertow of Christ’s compassion and forgiveness that we are able at all to recognize the truth of mimetic conflict and violence as Girard has so wonderfully explained it. Without the felt contrast–the light that traces out the shadow–we would remain locked up in the logic of violent culture.  My book Virtually Christian makes the full argument for this claim. In other words, there is a transcendent or meta-mimesis at play, one that copies Jesus’ “impossible” forgiveness and love. The purpose of this blog is to present again and again the new and transforming mimesis, and the dramatic new meaning of Christianity which flows from it. In the past “copying Jesus” was something for the saints; the rest of us did fine with the easy legal product of his sacrificial death. Now, however, through the concept of mimesis we understand that the value of his death was nothing other than the root assimilation / imitation of divine nonviolence in the human soul. Tony Bartlett P.S. The picture in the page header is of the Ile Saint Honorat, a small island off the south of France where there’s been a monastic community since the early fifth century. It is believed St. Patrick received his training at the monastery and set out from here on his mission to Ireland. It gives an image of a generative Christian community in a sea of faith, the kind of place which could be a model of the Christian church to come.

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  1. Looking forward to gleaning some of this hope from you, as it’s something I’m finding lacking this second half of my life… Thank you for offering to share it! ~ Judy

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Michael pointed out your site so I have come to hear what you are learning and see how it also fits where God has led me a place I would have never thought to be!

    1. Hi Russ, good to hear from you. Michael and I go way back. I hope you get some good from the blogs. I’ve been trying to figure out the RSS feed on the site. There should be a RSS button on the right or on the top. If you right click it should give you the feed address which you can paste into your reader. However, I can’t get that to work, so here is the direct link: http://hopeintime.com/?feed=atom
      You have to have a Google feed reader or another engine which does the same in which to paste it. If you get it to work please let me know! Best, Tony

      1. Some blogs send you email “alerts” to let you know about a new post. This blog domain doesn’t seem to have that function, so, I guess the best way to let us know of a new post is through Facebook updates (?). Thanks, Tony!

        1. Judy, I think you have to subscribe to the feed in your browser. I just worked out with Internet Explorer how to get the feed button on my taskbar, and then you just click it and subscribe!

  3. Looking forward to your insight. Your words always give me distance from my daily grind to see the forest for the trees. Blessings and Peace.

  4. Is this all about saying that there is another half to Girard’s story (a half kind of waiting to be told) that human beings and culture are profoundly inclined to imitate condemning and violent behavior; namely, that human beings are also profoundly inclined to imitate forgiving and reconciling behavior, and that we can help them to remember, get in touch with, and practice these hopeful responses to the hard challenges of life and culture?

    1. Absolutely, John, I think that’s the story, but I have to tell it in all humility because Girard first did the heavy lifting and opened the way to this (his own) development. I have an article coming out in “Contagion” (don’t know when) which makes the argument in strict academic terms.

  5. Tony, I like this. Though I would not go so far as to assume we are in complete agreement, I think it is safe to say that we agree on the need for radical change in a church that has lost its way. Blessings! Jim

  6. Anthony I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your contributions to a deeply oriented Jesus like response to expand on Girardian theory. Reading Virtual Christian has been an absolute breath of fresh air & a confirmation of what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me.

    Thank you so much.

    At page ~40 I was so hoping you might reference Hildegard of Bingen when you so judiciously referenced Bernard of Clarvioux & Ansalem… Are you familiar with her? She is a voice of Isaiahic proportions from that era!

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, Luke. Yes, those “mystical” writers from that period, including Hildegard and Julian of Norwich, are an essential counterpoint whose voice needs to be heard more and more. I am sorry I did not mention them now! Peace, Tony

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